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Reliable Window Replacement Services in Sudbury

When you need the windows replaced at your home or cottage in Sudbury, you can count on Guardian Windows & Doors! We are a locally owned and operated company, serving the area with high-quality and reliable window replacement services for more than 20 years. If you are remodelling your house, you should consider replacing your older windows. New windows will give you a good return on your investment as it helps to reduce your energy bills, increase the value of your home and improve your comfort and general quality of life. Whether you are selecting windows for new construction or replacing your existing windows, our experts will help you choose the most efficient models for your climate and personal style and preferences. If you’re looking for window replacement services in Sudbury, Guardian Windows & Doors should be your first call! Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with our team.

Professional and Friendly Window Installation

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable window installer to replace the windows in your home in Sudbury, we can help. Guardian Windows & Doors’ team of workers has the skills and experience to remove old windows and install new Energy Star-rated windows in just about any setting. From interior windows dividing rooms to glass patio doors/windows, our window replacements will help you optimize your energy use in your home or cottage. We provide our window replacement services for:

Interior windows | Exterior windows | Patio doors | Bay windows | Vinyl windows and more.


We stock and supply all types of windows to suit your functional and aesthetic preferences. Depending on your home's style, the window's location that needs to be replaced and a few other factors, our experts will be happy to guide you to the best choice for your needs. Take your pick from the following window styles:

  • Casement Windows
    Casement windows offer unparalleled access as they can open up to 90° with a convenient crank handle that requires minimum effort. Equipped with high-quality locking systems and triple-sealing, these windows are energy efficient, keep your home safe, and protect you from outdoor elements.​​

  • Single Hung Windows
    These are known to bring the classic style together with modern technology. They are easy to operate and clean and are available in a wide selection of interior and exterior trim options that match your home's design.

  • Double Hung Windows
    These give you a classic look with smooth and easy operation assurance. They are a good option for patios, sit-outs, and walkways.

  • Double-Slider Windows
    Because these are compact and offer excellent airflow, they are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. They are easy to clean, maintain and operate while providing great insulation.

  • Single Slider Windows
    These are an affordable alternative to double-slider windows. They are easy to operate and offer good energy efficiency.

Browse through our gallery of completed projects and call us to fix your appointment with our team of window experts in Sudbury!


Have a look at the following benefits of going ahead with window replacement:

  • Secure your home with newer windows
    Old windows that don't work properly are not only inconvenient, but they also pose a security risk to your property. If you have windows with old locks, or if the frame of the window has decayed due to moisture penetration, consider replacing it timely as one may easily break in. 

  • Keep noise pollution at bay
    You can choose windows with multiple panes to keep noise out of your home. If you live near a busy road or have noisy neighbours, a new window can help you relax during the day and night.

  • Take the curb appeal and property value a notch higher
    You can select windows from a wide range of types and styles that will blend in with any decor concept. Windows not only enhance the curb appeal but also add more value to your house in terms of utility and property value. 

  • Spend less time on cleaning and maintenance
    Today's windows are designed to be low-maintenance. The tilt-in sashes make it easier to clean the areas that were previously difficult to reach. With these features, you can put the cleaning chore aside and enjoy the view from the window. 

Save Money with ENERGY-EFFICIENT Windows

If you are remodelling your house, you should consider replacing your older windows. Replacing older windows will provide you with a good return on investment by reducing energy bills, providing you with more comfort and increasing the value of your home.


Especially in old houses, windows often have air leaks that let outdoor air into your home. Depending on the season, this can raise or lower the temperature in your home when you don’t want it to. Sealing air leaks is one way to help reduce this outside air by adjusting the internal temperature of your home, but the most efficient fix is to replace your windows with newer, airtight windows. Opt for replacement windows to exploit all the modern energy-efficient options available these days. Guardian Windows & Doors hosts a vast inventory of replacement windows in Sudbury that includes energy-efficient brands to help our customers save money on their energy bills. 


Call us today for more information about our window replacements from Sudbury to Espanola. Book an appointment with us, and our owner will actually come to your door to consult with you directly.

Contact Us

If you need windows, doors, siding or soffits replaced at your home or cottage, get in touch with a locally owned and operated company like Guardian Windows & Doors. We provide window installation services to residents from Sudbury to Espanola, including the towns of: 

Lively | Copper Cliff | Whitefish | Chelmsford | Dowling | Levack| Garson | Coniston | Val Caron | Hanmer | Capreol | Wahnapitae | Markstay | McKerrow and more!

Professional Window Installation For Your Home

Count on our team for window replacements and installations in Sudbury and make your home energy-efficient.

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