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High-Quality Patio Doors in Sudbury

Patio doors are also known as panoramic doors. Large panels of unobstructed glass characterize them on door frames that open normally or by gliding along a track or rollers fixed on the ceiling. They’re easy to use and maintain and are ideal for high-traffic areas. Guardian Windows & Doors will work with you to create gorgeous and functional patio doors for your home in Sudbury. We can customize your exterior doors’ size, look, materials and safety features per your design and specifications. If you love hosting friends and family for barbeques or backyard parties, get in touch with our team and upgrade your home immediately!


When selecting a patio door, it is important to consider a few points. Depending on the available space, your desired amount of visibility, the style of your home and your budget, you can pick from 3 types of sliding patio doors:

  • ​​Standard sliding doors
    Usually made of two glass panels, sliding patio doors offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. They don’t require extra room to open and are great for smaller patio areas or if you have a lot of furniture. They are made of a durable, lightweight material that can be customized to any colour and design specification. Our patio doors have high-security modern locking mechanisms built into the frames that offer unmatched protection.​

  • ​French doors
    These open outwards into the garden and are often paired with casement windows on either side to allow even more light into the room. With modern sealing and locking systems, they offer excellent insulation and security.

  • Bi-fold doors
    These are made of multi-panel units in a concertina fashion that allows you to peel back a whole or part of a wall to open your house to the garden more completely than any other type. Though these may take a little more time to design and install, they are a great option if you have a large space that opens to a large garden.

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Sliding patio doors offer a range of functional and aesthetic benefits for your home: 

  • They are easy to operate, adjustable, and replaceable.

  • They are quiet and require no lubrication.

  • Minimizes noise transmission.

  • Maximizes thermal efficiency.

  • They require little to no maintenance because they do not rot or rust.

  • They are energy-efficient.

They are customizable and can be designed to satisfy all your design, function and security needs. Schedule an appointment with Guardian Windows & Doors experts in Sudbury to get top-quality patio doors.



High-Quality Sliding Patio Doors in Sudbury

We can design and install gorgeous doors that can be the perfect update for your home!  

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