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Quality Vinyl Siding in Sudbury

Older homes often have a lot of maintenance needs and are not very energy efficient. Updating your home’s vinyl siding in Sudbury will increase its curb appeal, lower maintenance costs, increase energy efficiency and boost the value of your home. Get a free no-obligation quote today from Guardian Windows & Doors in Sudbury.

Guardian Windows & Doors offers vinyl siding solutions in Sudbury and surrounding areas, including:

Lively| Copper Cliff | Whitefish | Espanola | Chelmsford | Dowling | Levack | Garson | Coniston| Val Caron | Hanmer | Capreol | Wahnapitae | Markstay | McKerrow and more!

The Advantages of Installing Vinyl Siding

Beyond vast colour options and ease of installation, vinyl siding offers homeowners many advantages that other types of siding, such as wood shingles or stucco, do not. These advantages include:

  • A warmer home – With two layers, capstock and substrate, vinyl siding helps block the passage of heat in both directions, and insulated vinyl siding can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency. 
  • Weather resistance – Vinyl siding will maintain the proper level of dryness inside your home because it is resistant to rain, snow and hail.
  • Low maintenance – Vinyl siding is nearly maintenance-free, needing to simply be washed down with a hose or power washer to remove dirt and grime that builds up naturally. 
  • Clean environment – Because vinyl siding can last for around 20 years without needing to be replaced, using this type of siding on your home will help you reduce waste.
  • Improves curb appeal – It does not chip, flake or peel, which helps the exterior of your home to look well-maintained.
  • Resists mould and mildew – Well-installed vinyl siding allows moisture to escape, preventing mould and mildew formation. 
  • Easy to install – This is one of the simplest types of cladding to install. It is light in weight and offers a uniform appearance when finished.
  • Painting isn’t necessary – A colour coating is applied to almost every siding material except vinyl. The colour is baked into the material in vinyl siding, which makes it stay for a longer period.
  • Highly durable – Vinyl siding is designed to endure the impact of strong winds and hail. Furthermore, vinyl is resistant to excessive moisture, so it will not rot or corrode with time.
  • Versatile – Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colours, textures, and sizes, giving clients hundreds of options. 
  • Increases the value of your home – Adding vinyl siding to your home will boost its value and will give you a great return on investment. 

Guardian Windows & Doors in Sudbury offers versatile and modern designs for your home's siding. 

Siding makes your home appear well-kept and attractive, therefore investing in high-quality siding is imperative. Siding that is cracked or broken will not only reduce the overall value of your property but will also fail to protect it. That’s why siding remains one of the most preferred choices for external renovations. Get quality home vinyl siding in Sudbury and completely change the look and feel of your home! 


High-Quality Products and Services


At Guardian Windows & Doors, we ensure you’ll get a combination of stellar products and dependable service when you hire us to install vinyl sidings. Our meticulous attention to detail reflects in the quality of our work. We are committed to providing complete satisfaction to our clients. You can be assured that our team will complete the job on time and within budget. The quality of our service has helped us emerge as one of the most trusted vinyl siding contractors in Sudbury. 


Call Us in Sudbury for Your Siding Needs.

Make your home look like new with vinyl siding from Sudbury's Guardian Windows & Doors. With a variety of colours to choose from, our low-maintenance and energy-efficient siding makes it the perfect choice for residents in Sudbury and the surrounding areas. Call us today and schedule your free no-obligation consultation. If you’re upgrading your home’s energy efficiency, you can also count on us if you need window or door replacement or soffit and fascia installation services. 

Aesthetic and Durable Vinyl Siding For Your Home

We can provide you with durable vinyl siding to enhance energy efficiency and your home's curb appeal.

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